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Prayer Request and Contact Form

Submit a prayer request in the following ways:

  • Contact the church office 205.328.3937
  • Fill a prayer request card (located in the pews) on Sunday and drop it in the offering plate
  • Fill out the online form below

Online Submission:

Please enter your prayer request below. All request are kept confidential and are seen only by our pastor and prayer room team unless you indicate to share it with the congregation. The information with an asterisk* is a required field in order to accept your request. This information allows us to properly follow up on requests submitted to the Prayer Ministry.

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We offer several ways for everyone to get connected and involved in church ministry. Select as many small groups from the list below that you are interested in learning more.

Small Group Ministries

We respect the privacy of your personal information and do not distribute or publish it without your permission. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to bring your request before God.